Duties of Police Officers

Before discussing duties we must also remember that the police is a part of the society as members of the police are recruited from the very society that it serves and reflect its work ethic and moral values. Besides being the strong arm of the government it is generally the visible representation of the Government. After independence , the charter of police service extends beyond the routine duties of crime prevention and investigation and maintaining public order to a broader objective of the welfare of the individual and society at large.

The role , duties and responsibilities of a police officer are laid down in various statutes and an attempt has been made to enumerate them in Chapter IV of the Bihar Police Act,2007. Some of the duties are enumerated below but one must remember that these are the general duties and there are specific duties for each rank of police officer which are laid down in the Police Manual. The order of importance of duties enumerated changes depending on the circumstances:-

  • Upholding the dignity of the individual by safeguarding his constitutional and legal rights
  • Safeguarding the fabric of the society and unity and integrity of the Nation
  • Enforcing law impartially
  • Investigating crimes , apprehending offenders and bringing them to justice
  • Identifying situations and problems likely to result in commission of crimes
  • Reducing opportunities for commission of crimes through preventive measures
  • Aiding and cooperating with other relevant agencies in implementing other appropriate measures for prevention of crimes
  • Aiding individuals who are in danger of physical harm.
  • Creating and maintaining a feeling of security in the community
  • Counseling and resolution of conflicts and promoting amity
  • Providing other appropriate services and affording relief to people in distress
  • Collection of intelligence in matters affecting public peace and crimes
  • Educating members of the society to protect themselves and their property
  • Enhancing society's understanding of the functions of the police
  • Mediation in inter-personal and inter-group conflicts , conflict management and crisis intervention
  • Protection of weaker sections of the society
  • Helping in natural calamities , emergencies and disasters as the first responders
  • Agency of the last resort in all matters
  • Counseling juvenile delinquents, school children, unemployed youth, drug addicts, spouses and others in distress
  • Enforcement of social legislations
  • Maintaining effective working relations with every sub system of criminal justice system
  • Continuously updating training and operating procedures of the agency
  • Keeping organization at high pitch of efficiency
  • Bridging gap between stability and requirement of change